Window Process

Wyoming Window Replacement, Jenision Window Replacement, Byron Center Window Replacement, Ada Window

Site Preparation

Site preparation includes tapping around where windows will be removed, setting up tools and needed supplies.  

Grand Haven Window Replacement, Holland Window Replacement, Grand Rapids Window Replacement


The exterior trim (and possibly some siding) will be removed, then the sashes will be removed from frame, We then remove the actual window frame which may include old pulley systems if very old wooden windows and cleaning out any debris, old weather striping, etc.

Grand Rapids Window Install, Muskegon Window Install, Holland Window install, Wyoming Window install


There are several crucial steps to properly installing a replacement window. 

  • Inserting  the new window frame into the opening and shimming the windows it is plumb and level
  • Inserting the sashes back into the frame
  • insulting between the window frame and wall framing to eliminate any air flow around the window.
  • The window is then wrapped. Generally a butyl tape is used between the window frame or nail flange and the underlayment on the home. Then the exterior trim is wrapped with either aluminum custom bent on site with a siding brake or using customs PVC trim 
  • The final step on the exterior is caulking all seams around the PVC or aluminum trim
  • There may need to be some adjustment or caulking between the window and the existing interior trim as a final step

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