If you have been impacted by storm damage to your home whether it be a tree fall, Hail or Wind, we can help! We have vast experience in helping home owners navigate the insurance process and restoring their homes exterior to its previous glory and we would be happy to help you as well!

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What to do


Ensure you and your family are safe

if you have downed electrical lines call your utility company and stay clear of the lines. If you have holes in the home or windows blown out call us and we can assist with tapping or boarding windows to keep home dry and safe until permanent repairs can be made. We can also assist with tree removal if needed. Call us

Call your home owners insurance company

Call the toll free claim number not your insurance agent. If you don't have your policy handy then google 24 hour claims your insurance company  Most agents have never dealt with a catastrophic claim and have no idea how to navigate the process.   Obtain your claim numbers, name and number of the insurance adjuster assigned to claim, the claims repp assigned to claim and write this all down it will be needed until all work is completed and claim is fully paid out by insurance company.

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Call us for a free consultation on the damage, we will work with you and the adjuster to ensure all damaged is documented and included in adjusters report for the claim.  We should bet at the adjusters appointment to go through the scope of damage with the adjuster


Wait and be patient, in some cases insurance companies may take weeks to finalized an approved amount. Most have this completed within a few days or even before the adjuster leaves your home but it does help to be patient.

We Begin Work

As soon as you have your approved insurance estimate we can begin work.  Depending on the scope of damage this may take a few days to a few weeks to restore everything.

Work is completed

When work is completed you pay us and enjoy having your home back to normal!

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