Roofing install Process

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Prepare for tear off

Yes, we have to tear off all of your existing roofing material (see our blog on why). Before we begin tear off we want to do everything we can to protect your home and yard.  This includes placing tarps on ground, covering delicate plants and A/C units and sometimes window areas with plywood or OSB sheeting


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Tear off and deck inspection

We will then tear off all layers of roofing material down to bare decking, inspect all decking and replace any rotten or damaged boards. 

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Install edge metal/drip edge

We will install new drip edge on all eaves and rakes of the roof.  Many roofers will leave the old drip edge in place, but generally this gets pretty banged up and damaged during tear off and looks bad and if older galvanized metal may be corroded and not be doing its job properly any longer. So we use a galvalum product that won't corrode and is designed to look beautiful for decades to come.

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Install ice and water shield

In Michigan, the building code requires a product called ice and water shield to be installed on the eave's of the roof. On a roof pitch >4:12 it is required on the first 3 feet of the roof or 18" in from the warm edge of the wall.  We install two 3 foot rows (with an overlap) providing nearly 6 feet of coverage. we also install 3 ft in valleys and around all penetrations which are critical area's with high potential for leaks.  This allows us to sleep at night and allows us to provide you with superior warranty coverage.

Certainteed Roof Runner, Synthetic Underlayment, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Roofer

Install Synthetic Underlayment

Building code requires the remainder of the roof to be covered with a shingle underlayment.  The minimum code is a 15lb. felt paper. We use a much better product called a synthetic underlayment. this provides better tear resistance and better water resistance. Keeping our installers safer and giving you better long term protection that traditional felt paper.  

Starter Strip, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Roofer

Install starter strip

The starter strip is placed on the eaves of the roof to provide the first row of shingles something to adhere to.  This is required to provide a 110 mph wind warranty on the roof.  Starter strip will occasionally be installed along the rake edges of the roof as well, to provide a higher wind rating.  

Asphalt Shingle Roof, Grand Rapids, Michigan Roofer

Install Shingles

With a dimensional shingle (a majority of new roofs) we install the shingles in a 5 course pattern using 4-6 nails per shingle.  These will cover the entire roof surface.  The 5 course pattern is designed to make the shingles look great on your roof and prevent any strange looking patterns or groupings of shingles.

Ridge vent, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Roofer

Install Vents

On most roofs today we install ridge vent which has a few benefits over a traditional can/pot vent. 1) It provides more ventilation (every 4 feet of ridge vent provides as much air flow as 3 can vents. 2) It eliminates holes in the middle of the roof, reducing the risk of leaks. 3) it looks better than a bunch of metal boxes on the roof top.  Certain roof types will require other styles of vents and we will discuss this with you at your in-home consultation.

Hip and ridge Cap, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Roofer

Install hip and ridge cap shingles

If you have a gabled style roof then these pre-cut cap shingles just go on at the ridge and cover the ridge itself or the ridge vent. on a hipped style roof these also are installed where any sections of roof meet.  

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Install new pipe boots/exhaust vents

Every pipe penetrating the roof top also gets a new boot on it.  We don't want to reuse any of the old ones because it allows us to sleep at night and not worry about leaks in these highly critical areas. we use a special process with special adhesives to ensure these last the lifetime of your new roof. At this time we also install new bath exhaust vents if you have bathroom exhaust fans.

Chimney Flashing, Grand Rapids, Michigan Roofer

Install new flashings and counter flashings

Flashing is a term for the metal used in many area's of the roof, along dormers, where roofs meet walls, around chimney's, skylights, etc.  flashing is usually tucked behind siding, in areas where flashing or step flashing might be exposed we use a process called counter flashing to help better protect from water egress and to make it look more attractive.

Clean up of yard after roofing, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Roofing Process

Clean up and dispose of all waste

The final step is clean up and doing our best to restore your home and property to before we were there.  This includes using blowers, brooms, magnetic sweepers to clean up bits of roofing materials, nails into the dumpster before the dumpster is picked up.