Typical Siding Install

Remove Old Siding

After materials and dumpster have arrived, The tear off begins.  Generally all the old siding will come off down to the exterior sheeting of the home.  Inspection and replacement of any damaged sheeting, plugging any holes in sheeting.

Wrap Home and Preparation for Siding

The next step is installing the house wrap, this is your moisture barrier that protects the home from any moisture that may get behind the siding.   furring strips may be installed after this to ensure plum and level instal of the siding panels.  Lastly is installing corner posts, Starter strip and J-Channel, f-Channel, and window trim so that the siding can be installed.

Install Siding

No matter what style and profile of siding you choose, they all are mechanically fastened to the home.  The fastener type will depend on the style of siding.  Siding is installed in very long lengths 12-20' to minimize seams and seams are offset to help reduce any visible seams.  

Fascia and Sofit

The fascia and soft may go on before the siding any time after the J-channel and f-Channel are installed.  at this time additional flashings may be added and additional trim

Finishing Trim and Accessories

The finishing touches are then added;  railings. house numbers, door bells, decorative trim, etc.

Clean up and Disposal of Waste

Its time to put the tools back on the trailer or truck and make sure your home and yard are cleaned up and hauling away our dumpsters and/or dump trailers.

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